A new way to nourish the planet. planet.

From those who sow to those who consume, we believe in the power of sustainable and open food production.

We believe in a future where agriculture is a solution to the global environmental challenges.

Our mission is to inspire a fundamental change in global agricultural practices while preserving ecosystems and ensuring the well-being of farming communities.

Become a partner partner farmer with Oz.

With the Oz System, you will have a holistic approach to monitoring your land.


Optimize the use of your resources;

Facilitate sustainable agricultural practices;

Boost the long-term success of your production



Oz is constantly developing and improving monitoring technologies.

We analyze data collected by drones, sensors, satellites and agronoms to examine, measure, verify and report various ecosystem services, such as soil health, water quality, biodiversity and social issues.


Our Artificial Intelligence provides automated insights, from planting and crop rotation to farming-breeding integration.

Our algorithms provide simulations of feasibility plans, inventory and machinery lists, weather forecasts, cash flows, loss and profit predictions.



Farmers can make data-based decisions and have a journey of sustainable growth.


Our Pillars


The social pillar supports practices that guarantee inputs and dignity for local producers and communities

Income for farmers.

Conservation and
restoration of forests.

Sanitation, health, education and quality of life in rural areas.

Fight against hunger.

Healthy food.


Oz’s environmental pillar supports education and sustainability practices that keep ecosystems alive and production thriving.

Fight climate change.

Conservation and restoration of forests.

Carbon capture and carbon emission reduction.

Conservation of socio biodiversity.

Ecosystem services.

Regenerative Agriculture

The regenerative agriculture pillar supports practices that make the ecosystem resist and recover from damage, using soil and water intelligently.

Soil conservation and recovery.

Conservation and restoration of forests.

Recovery of degraded areas.

Environmentally friendly technologies.

Conservation of springs and water quality.

Non-pollution of the environment


The pillar of technology supports practices that facilitate production, and makes it more efficient.

Monitoring and certification.

Accessible and intuitive interface.

Oriented and accompanied production processes.

Chain integrated digital platform.





Platform for all profiles. Per unit of production or collective.




Characteristics verification. Analysis of feasibility and opportunities. Basic and complementary documentation.


Production Plan

Production monitoring. Promotes technology and resources. Access to new markets.


Oz Seals

By joining the Oz program, the farmer can receive different levels of qualification depending on the phase of the journey.



Storage. Distribution, transport and logistics. Processing and Sales.

Oz. Journey

Producer, get to know the progress phases of the Oz Journey.

We appreciate the efforts of farmers committed to sustainability. Therefore, we have created a sustainability seal program with 4 levels based on environmental, social and agricultural production parameters.

Seal 01 (35-150 points)

Good Agricultural Practices.

Welcome to the first step!

Here you begin your journey towards the transition to sustainable agriculture.

Seal 02 (120-300 points)

Regenerative cultivation practices.

At this stage, your journey has already begun the transition to low-carbon agriculture.
Here you have a more detailed description of the environmental benefits generated by your production unit.

Seal 03 (175-470 points)

Organic Practices

The detailing of the parameters of your productive unit is further deepened, generating more benefits and ecosystem services of higher added value.

Selo 04 (370-760 pontos)

Práticas agroeco­lógicas.

Sua unidade produtiva está produzindo alimentos de alto valor nutricional e valor agregado.

Sua contribuição para a regeneração do planeta e a maior quantidade de serviços ecossistêmicos prestados faz parte da solução para os maiores desafios da atualidade – as mudanças climáticas e a desigualdade social.

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We believe that real revolutions are made by everyone, for everyone and for the planet.


Regenerative Regenerative Global Marketplace


Products traced from the seed to the market shelves.

Innovative space that connects producers, suppliers, buyers and consumers in search of sustainable food and products, supporting responsible agricultural practices and contributing to the regeneration of the planet.

Transactions can be made with OZR, our digital currency.

Here, producers find inputs, equipment, financial services and more.

Ozer, a coin with purpose.

Our revolutionary digital currency based on services to the soil, people and the planet.

OZR is used to reward sustainable farmers and communities for their regenerative practices.

Conscious consumers can use OZR in our regenerative global marketplace, promoting sustainable production and consumption.

Open and sustainable agriculture

where everybody wins.

Why be part of the Oz Movement?

We are living a historic moment

We find ourselves between the threat of climate disasters and the opportunity to cultivate a prosperous future.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the harmful carbon emissions of 2010-2019 were the highest in human history.*

Studies indicate that we must reduce CO2 emissions by 43% by 2030 to make the world a fairer and more sustainable place.*

And the consequences of global warming directly affect the agricultural sector with greater risks of agricultural droughts, affecting plantations, and ecological drooges that generate ecosystem vulnerability; Increased pests in agricultural crops; Less productivity and consequently increased hunger.

But at Oz, we believe in the power of conscious people and relationships as a way to fight the environmental and social impacts caused by the misuse of the planet's resources.

Be part of the Oz Movement and change the world.

Be part of the Oz Movement and change the world.

If you are a

investor, farmer, supplier, consumer,

Oz is for you!


Do you want to be part of that story?

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